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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Sent to another dark place

Regarding “Ex-Marine gets year for drugs” (Metro, April 5): We send these young men to war and expect them to be exactly the way they used to be when they return. When they have issues, it’s “send him to the VA.” And it usually ends up in an incredible backlog. Sending this Marine to prison will no doubt end up with him losing the business he must have worked so hard to start. It will leave him with a record that excludes him from voting in our country. He’ll face great difficulties with employment.
He used a gun fighting for our country. Now he can’t own one. This article speaks of a good young man in life. Now, one mistake later, he is off to another dark place in his life. This should have been probation. What happened to “thank you for your service; let us help you”? Craig Hixon Tampa
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