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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Send troops to secure our border — now

Extreme-right Republicans are not being reasonable when they insist on jailing or deporting illegal immigrants. It is not reasonable because it will cost billions of dollars to search out, round up, process and transport 12 to 13 million illegal immigrants back to their country of origin. The problem is that amnesty became part of the discussion before securing the border. It was stupid to discuss what to do with illegal immigrants before deciding on how to secure the border. That was just asking for a rush of immigrants trying to get across the border before it was secured.

The president has called for comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform is just a euphemism for amnesty. What the president needs to do is to send troops to secure the border. He didn’t have any trouble sending troops to Afghanistan or air support to Libya or special forces to Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. What is so difficult about sending troops to our border to secure it? That’s his job as commander in chief, and the primary purpose of our military is to defend our country.

Every automobile, truck, train, plane and boat needs to be searched before it crosses the border. Every foot of the border needs to be guarded by our troops. If that cripples business with Mexico and Central America, and it takes American tourists and business personnel three days to get back across the border, so be it. That’s the price we need to be willing to pay to secure the border, and it’s the price Mexico and Central America will need to pay for allowing adults and children from those countries to come to ours.

If the president will not defend this country and execute the laws of this country, then he needs to be impeached. If Congress is not willing to fund our military to defend our borders, then Congress needs to be dissolved, and we need to elect new representatives. The president and Congress need to abide by their responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, and they need to do it before the crazies start to take the law into their own hands.

People’s lives are at stake, and we don’t have time for politics as usual.

Terry A. Larson


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