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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Say no to elevated toll road through south Pasco

When I moved here from Connecticut 15 years ago I wanted to be in a rural area and not live within the earshot of road noise and an elevated roadway’s cars and trucks running day and night.

The widening of State Road 54 in southern Pasco County several years ago destroyed part of the rural quality of this area. Now Pasco officials are proposing to move forward and destroy it completely.

I am totally opposed to a proposed elevated toll road that would extend from U.S. 19 in west Pasco all the way across the county to U.S. 301. I am amazed that Pasco County commissioners would even entertain such an idea.

I fail to see any reason why we need a toll road along the entire length of S.R. 54 except for the purpose of extracting more money from taxpayers’ pockets. S.R. 54 was only recently completed in the past five years with a widening almost to Zephyrhills.

From what I have heard in the past, there is deep concern for being able to accommodate new development with adequate water and other services. However, the toll facility is being proposed because Pasco officials want to open up more areas along S.R. 54 for development.

They are beginning to look like the Keystone Cops.

If it were to be built — and I hope it won’t be — then why would the proposed contract, including toll revenue, be awarded to a private organization rather than have the state build and operate it?

To make it very clear: I am 100 percent opposed to the construction of any toll road and/or elevated expressway over the existing S.R. 54.

Charles “Chuck” Salzmann

New Port Richey

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