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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Saving our troubled youths up to us

Many of our youth today are lost. Some are caught up in gangs, and many have their minds and emotions twisted and destroyed by drugs. Many are angry, hateful and violent.

Whatever the reasons, they have not been taught self-respect or respect for others. They are lacking in morals, conscience and a sense of responsibility and purpose. For some, there is no turning back. But there is hope for most headed down the path of destruction. It should start at home — where they should be taught how to be good human beings and productive members of society.

Courtesy, consideration, morals, responsibility, discipline and a good work ethic should start at home. Unfortunately, that is not happening in many homes, especially in the homes where the parent or parents are incapable of it. So this becomes our problem. We must start finding solutions. Punishment is not the ultimate answer.

We, as a society, must find ways to save our youth, and ultimately ourselves, from the hatred and violence that is bringing us down and tearing us apart.

When I was a child (more than 50 years ago), both my parents taught me to be respectful of others, to be kind, courteous and considerate, to be responsible for my actions, to tell the truth, to study hard and to treat others the way I would want to be treated. They taught me that we are all God’s children.

I don’t have all the answers to the problems that plague our youth and society. But in order to ensure a bright and promising future, much must be done to influence the minds and hearts of our impressionable youth. Ideally, this should start at home and in the schools. There might not be much hope in many broken homes, but we must try to turn around the horrible mess in many, if not most, public schools, especially in the inner city.

Again, I don’t have all the answers. But I reiterate — This is our problem. I only hope that some of you will get involved, if only carrying on the discussion. It has to start with me, with you, with us, whether or not we have children, but especially if you have children. It can only start with open minds, open hearts, faith and prayer and a desire to do good.

John Swift


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