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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Rubio laughing at us

Sen. Marco Rubio tells Floridians we need his amnesty bill to facilitate knowing who is in our country and that the current 11 million-plus illegals will not receive welfare or food stamps in the “current” bill before the Senate. So, Rubio’s plan is to have all illegals show up to register so that the feds can conduct criminal and security checks on them, thus confirming once and for all who is in our country. I guess that the hundreds of thousands of illegals who entered the United States after the amnesty cutoff date and all the illegals with criminal pasts or anti-U.S. intent will show up to register also? How inane. This list will be virtually meaningless in protecting this country. Rubio has to know this. Rubio’s comments regarding illegals not receiving certain types of welfare? Meaningless as well. How often has a U.S. welfare program not expanded once it is in place? Rubio knows that, too. My wife says that politicians used to think that we were naive; now they think we are stupid. I believe Rubio would agree.
Tom Waldbart Wesley Chapel
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