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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Restraining the mighty IRS

Regarding “IRS official, staff not talking” (Nation & World, May 23): The immediate steps to take are obvious. All IRS functions not directly related to the day-to-day collection and distribution of tax revenue should be suspended pending investigation. This includes the division that oversees tax-exempt organizations. All IRS audits in progress or planned should be halted pending investigation. All IRS employees not essential to the day-to-day collection and distribution of tax revenue should be furloughed without pay. The savings from these furloughs should be used to compensate individuals and organizations that have been wrongfully targeted. Non-essential employees would include auditors, investigators, lawyers and all management employees, except for first-line supervisors. An independent counsel should be appointed to investigate the IRS. All involved in mismanagement, corruption and/or illegal activities should be fired or prosecuted, no matter how high it goes in this administration.
It will take an independent counsel to investigate because the Department of Justice is already embroiled in scandals, and it lacks credibility. It is unconscionable IRS employees and managers will not cooperate with this investigation. Are they all guilty? Are they afraid? The truth needs to be determined, whatever it turns out to be. We don't need politicians paying lip service to accountability. People responsible for any wrongdoing must be held accountable. Punishment should be appropriate. Finally, controls must be in place to restrain the mighty power of the IRS before full operations are restored. Phil Johnson Valrico
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