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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Putting the Bucs back on course

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to have either a quirky habit or a penchant for drafting players with bad or questionable habits. Not to name names, but we all know who we’re talking about. It seemed to start with Jon (who rode Tony Dungy’s coattails to the Super Bowl) Gruden, continued with Raheem (who just wanted to be everybody’s buddy) Morris, then continued with an overachieving college coach named Greg Schiano. Hopefully, this endless parade of misfits has ended with the selection of coach Lovie Smith.

Coach Smith is cut from Tony Dungy’s cloth, and I think he will become the next great coach in the history of the Bucs!

If this team is ever going to make the playoffs again, much less make it back to the Super Bowl, the owners, general manager and coaches of this team have to insist on only drafting and trading for players who are committed to good behavior and playing within the rules of the NFL.

When you’re earning more money than 90 percent of your fellow Americans earn in a lifetime, is it too much to ask that you stay off drugs, don’t commit crimes, including beating up helpless women, obey traffic laws and pay your bills?

Bob Guenthner


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