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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Proud Scott is part of the family

What a great governor Rick Scott is for Florida. The political pundits from the left and the liberal media are aghast. The nerve of this businessman to eliminate debt, stop all borrowing, create thousands of well-paying jobs, create a budget surplus, reduce cost of debt service and give merit raises to teachers from the surplus and a tax cut for every Florida resident. Ridiculous! What happened to the left’s faithful servant of taxing, spending, raising taxes, raising debt, creating unemployment and regulating business to secure left-wing voters? Why can’t Scott be more like Obama — a disaster?

Guess the left, like Charlie Crist and Alex Sink, are choking on Florida’s prosperity and looking for the nonexistent fly in the ointment. The negative does not exist or is buried under Scott’s exemplary service to Florida. However, before the election, they will make one up for the liberal media. Since his track record is almost perfect, they will resort to slander and personal attacks. Sorry, Charlie, but the debt Scott has eliminated was in a large part due to your watch, with Sink in charge of the books. So was the high unemployment, increased tax rates on every resident and stringent business regulations. Great job, Gov. Scott. Florida is proud you are a part of our family.

Lou Christodoulou

Apollo Beach

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