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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Protecting others’ lives

Regarding “Protecting our youngest students” (Our Views, March 29): It seems odd that we trust teachers, neighbors, doctors, pilots and a host of other folks with our lives and our children’s lives every day but we have such an adverse reaction to giving these same people the ability to use deadly force when needed. It seems that if the powers that be feel our teachers are not competent enough to be trained and know when to use deadly force, maybe they shouldn’t be teaching our kids, either. Yes, it is an awesome responsibility, but with proper training this can be accomplished. Think about Sandy Hook or Flight 93. In both of these incidents competent adults sacrificed their lives to protect others. I just wish that at least one of these heroes would have been armed and trained to use deadly force. Bill Mattull Lutz
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