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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Power and control

Recently, a noted columnist wrote a touching piece about the plight of professor Deandre Poole of Florida Atlantic University. Poole, a person of faith and a dedicated teacher, was placed on administrative leave because he had the moral courage to challenge his students to engage in critical thinking. Unfortunately, certain political ideologues, Gov. Rick Scott among them, chose to corrupt the educational process by interjecting their authority, undermining the wall that separates religion and state. Shame on them. Accordingly, it was no surprise to me when I read in Mondayís Tribune that Florida Polytechnic University (JD Alexanderís legacy to himself) will operate under a non-tenure faculty model. What else would one expect? Do the citizens and students of this state actually expect our scholars to speak truth to power when their jobs are at stake? Donít believe the lie that this policy is about versatility and the recruitment of top faculty at the school. It is about power and control, period. God save us all. John R. Gallo Ruskin
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