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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Planning needed beyond St. Pete’s waterfront

Regarding: “Downtown waterfront blueprint is one step closer” (front page, March 14): I agree that we should put the proposed $500,000 study on hold. The Urban Land Institute has come up with some really great ideas that will be the starting point for deliberation and consideration among the residents and elected representatives. Isn’t it time that we trust this process? St. Petersburg has an incredibly engaged and civic-minded population along with many professionals. We can come up with a plan with the study that costs $125,000 as a starting point.

The best thing about that Urban Land Institute study is its incorporation of areas beside the waterfront in St. Pete. There is such an obsession with the waterfront at the expense of Midtown, Fourth Street North, the BayWay area, west St. Pete and on and on. What are the various plans for the Trop if the Rays relocate? That issue, alone, is reason enough to avoid spending more money on the waterfront and to broaden the plans to include all of St. Pete.

Jeannie Cline

St. Petersburg

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