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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Open up school playgrounds

We are heading toward the end of this year’s legislative session here in Tallahassee, and it appears that our bill alleviating schools of liability if they open up their playgrounds — to the public that pays for them with their taxes — during non-school hours is headed toward the grave in the Florida Senate. The bill has passed the House and is languishing in the Senate. We have been told that Florida trial attorneys are behind the killing of this bill in the Senate. This bill never took more than five minutes in committee and passed everywhere it was heard. Most disappointing is that Sen. John Legg, R-Lutz, the chair of the Senate Education Committee, could have heard this bill numerous times this session but never has. The committee is meeting one more time on April 22, and we have not received any positive sign that he will take the time to hear it then, either.
With summer right around the corner, passing this bill would potentially open up many opportunities for kids across the state. It is a shame that the senator has failed to act on a bill that would help kids and protect schools from frivolous lawsuits. James Mosteller American Heart Association
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