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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Only a snapshot of his work and mission

Regarding “Pursuing personal freedom” (Hometown Heroes, front page, Dec. 22):

Hearing how Arizona Jenkins, who has cerebral palsy, helped Tony Alfonso’s uncle, who had to give up driving because of his age and feared it would be the end of his social life, get a bus schedule so he can keep active in the community is only a snapshot of Jenkins’ work and mission in assisting others.

Throughout my life I’ve been to various trade shows, community fairs, school program outreaches and, most recently, to programs that focus on assisting families with children and adults with special needs. I first met Arizona two years ago in Largo at a special-needs fair, and a year later visited with him at another similar event in Temple Terrace. Having spoken to more than a thousand different groups over the years, which traditionally have tables or booths at these shows and fairs, I must say the most rewarding and memorable of all the “spokespersons” I encountered was Arizona Jenkins.

His smile, zeal and, most importantly, his heart for others makes Jenkins the most unforgettable representative or ambassador I’ve ever met — for when he helps others, he walks the walk — in his wheelchair and on bus routes — and talks the talk.

Dale Kimball


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