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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Obama, Obamacare and veterans

I enjoyed the privilege last weekend of attending this year’s National Convention for Disabled American Veterans in Orlando, where President Obama also attended as a guest speaker. I cannot overstate how impressed I was to see and meet so many veterans there who had clearly sacrificed so much of their lives for their country. However, I was not impressed at all with President Obama, who simply brushed over the subject involving the disgraceful backlog of VA disability claims as if touching base with each of the talking points he thought might best serve his own political interests among this particular audience.

More noticeably, Obama unfairly used the opportunity to promote Obamacare and to cast blame on Congress for holding up his budget requests. He even went so far as to assure the disabled veterans in attendance that their VA health care will not change due to Obamacare, but of course without reminding them that their families would have to fend for themselves just like everyone else, once the universal burdens of Obamacare become reality.

With regard to the VA disability claims backlog (perpetual storage of VA claims and appeals) the president acknowledged there hasn’t been enough done, but not without claiming credit for any perceived improvements that he referred to as progress. However, with the slight-of-hand precision of a snake oil salesman, Obama didn’t mention that more than one-half million veterans are dying each year — so, of course, many of those pending VA claims and appeals are also dying.

The average age of veterans is nearly 60, and becoming an even larger portion of our senior population. So just imagine if Obamacare is administered with the same neglect the VA has shown for our veterans, and soon we all become nothing more but another dusty file in death storage watch — much like President Obama is apparently now measuring as progress by the VA.

As Medicare is raided to help fund Obamacare and likely Social Security soon will be too — have you noticed recent attempts to downgrade the Social Security CPI index? — I do suppose things could have been even worse — if the president had put the VA in charge of Obamacare.

Alan Crawford


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