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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Modernizing the Second Amendment

With apologies to Don Rickles, our state sign at the border may soon read, “Hey — Welcome to Florida — Make Yourself at Home — Shoot Somebody!” After each increasingly frequent tragedy, the only thing that happens is poor Arthur Hayhoe writes a nice letter decrying gun violence and is quickly shot down, figuratively, by a “firing squad” of gun enthusiasts worried about their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. These enthusiasts are often right — it’s hard to see gun control preventing tragedies such as the recent theater shooting in Wesley Chapel, but we seem to be heading toward a society with mini-nukes or laser-guided predator drones in every household.

It might be a good time to think about revising and modernizing the Second Amendment, removing the antiquated “A well-regulated militia” and replacing it with something like “To guarantee the security, safety and individual rights of all Americans…” plus, hopefully, a new ending that talks of the need to keep those arms away from people with obvious mental or anger issues and make it a bit harder to acquire high-capacity arsenals.

There is one instance of repealing an amendment (Prohibition), and although the Second Amendment will never be and should never be repealed, a similar mechanism might work to update it. We want our government to be able to defend us against the Russians, Iranians, the Taliban and alien invasions, so why not defend against “lone nuts”?

If President Obama is trying to take away guns, he’s having worse luck than with his health-care plan.

Dave Anshutz


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