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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Making our nation a laughingstock

If you had a teacher, an auto mechanic, a stock broker, or almost any other profession with a 10 percent approval rating, that individual would be gone. That is about the approval rating of Congress, and deservedly so. The Republicans havenít had a new idea in years and the Democrats are trying to bankrupt us. (And doing a good job of it!) Congress passed sequestration and the Obama administration used it to try and embarrass the Republicans. The USA, the most powerful nation on earth, ended up the laughingstock of the world. The fiasco (initiated by the Obama administration), furloughing air traffic controllers, which caused air traffic delays, loss of millions of dollars by businesses and airlines, frustrated passengers, air traffic safety concerns and rescheduling, was completely unnecessary.
In a budget the size of the Department of Transportation, which has a 2013 budget of more than $60 billion, it should have been easy to find enough money to pay the air traffic controllers, but politics trumped sanity and economic reality until public disgust finally forced Congress and the administration to do something. Is it any wonder people think the inmates are†running the asylum? † Kenneth R. Lowe, Sr Sun City Center
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