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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Lift a lifetime penalty

Alimony reform legislation in Florida goes a long way toward correcting our stateís outdated, unjust and unfair alimony laws. Apparently, our legislators listened to the overwhelming support of their constituents and the people of Florida. The Family Law Section is interested in preserving the status quo. This is a selfish attempt to preserve its litigation-derived income. The assertion that this bill would be devastating to families is absurd. The families in question were already devastated when the divorce occurred. It is the current laws that further devastate the parties afterward by bleeding one while encouraging dependency in the other. Florida is one of only a few states that still allow lifetime alimony that does not end at retirement, but only ceases upon death or remarriage of the recipient. Itís about time Florida follows the rest of the country into the 21st century! Divorce shouldnít carry a lifetime penalty to one party for the benefit of the other. When a couple divorces, separation of lives should follow. Alimony reform is fair. Itís what the people want, and itís the right thing for Florida and its families. Lee A. Kallett
St. Pete Beach
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