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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letter of the day: Would the public give airport CEO such a big raise?

Would the flying public have voted for $65,000 in raises and a $500,000 5-year bonus for Tampa International Airport Chief Executive Officer Joe Lopano?

If based upon how we are treated curbside, I would think not.

At other airports, I don’t see the threatening tow truck, the glaring signs, and the stalking parking militia like we have at “LUV TIA.”

So why is the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority so enamored and so deep-pocketed to lavish so much money on one person?

Lopano is probably doing a great job in most respects, but I think the real question may be: Why aren’t we reducing the airport ticket surcharges or landing fees instead of the public footing the bill for extravagant raises when most in the private sector aren’t even seeing cost of living increases?

Bill Place


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