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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Letter of the Day: The benefit of unions

Although I admit I don’t read every letter to the editor, I did read the one by Dwayne Keith of Valrico on July 25 (“It’s a ruse,” Your Views). I did not take much exception to his article until his statement that “union money is forcibly taken from the rank and file to promote a leftist agenda while corporate dollars represent the political expression of the ownership and a majority of the stockholders!”

Having worked all my adult life for union companies, I believe his comment, if true, is the fault of the rank and file of that particular union. Their failure or reluctance to run for office in their union, or not supporting those with their views, leaves it open to those with other views.

At least part of the problem today is that many people want the wages and benefits the union has won through many years of collective bargaining, but they want others to “pay the freight,” so to speak. In my case, although I didn’t need the union to get and keep my job, I may very well be with the homeless people out by Chancey Road in Pasco County if it wasn’t for the union.

I was hurt on the job in October 1990. If not for some of the benefits I received through my union membership, my wife and I may have lost everything we had worked for the previous 25 years.

I would like to remind Mr. Keith and other readers that unions only came into existence due to poor management back in the 1920s, ’30s and so on.

As with so many things, we want to blame everyone except our own apathy and, in some cases, the blatant greed of corporations not willing to pay their employees a living wage unless they organize/unionize in an effort to take care of their families.

Terry Biggs


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