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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letter of the day: Solving the Ballast Point Park traffic problems

As someone who lives next to Ballast Point Park and also uses the park, I wanted to add my thoughts about parking and traffic issues. I love the park for families, the water activities, and being outdoors. However, I am concerned about the heavy traffic load and the safety aspects of the current parking situation.

When cars are parked along the roadway, as they frequently are, two cars cannot safely pass each other on the street. Car doors are being opened into traffic. It is a fact that parallel parking on the street is the least safe way to park and, with the large number of children visiting the park, it seems to me to be an accident waiting to happen.

I think there is a simple and obvious solution: Extend the current parking lot at the south end and create more parking spaces within the park itself. There is room for a large number of additional parking spaces, which would alleviate many of the parking issues by getting the parking off the street and on to the same side of the road as the park. It would also keep children away from the street.

Our city has done a great job with its park and Ballast Park is a jewel. It just seems so wrong to let its success be marred by unsafe conditions and traffic snarls.

Kathy Beeson


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