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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letter of the Day: Recognizing barbarianism when you see it

Regarding “The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my children in Gaza” (Other Views, Aug. 3):

I hope the author and her family will make another decision when this current conflict is over — namely, to rise up and kick Hamas out of Gaza.

Hamas has brought all of this violence onto the people of Gaza by lobbing not one or even a dozen, but hundreds and hundreds of rockets and mortar shells into Israel.

The only reason Israel has not suffered a like number of civilian casualties is because it has invested much in protecting itself. And it doesn’t hide its weaponry and munitions in schools and nurseries.

I’m not a Jew, and I don’t particularly buy into the rationale that we should side with Israel because it has a biblical, God-given right to occupy that land.

I am a person who recognizes barbarianism when I see it, and Hamas definitely qualifies.

Carrie Matteson


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