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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day: Protecting what’s left of ‘Real Florida’

This letter is in response to “Need for campsites” by Pam Clouston (Your Views, July 19). I believe she missed the point of George Apthorp’s letter “Protect sanctity of parks” (Your Views, July 13). He was concerned about the dangerous precedent it would set to allow one-third of Wakulla Springs State Park in the Panhandle to be leased to an outside agency to conduct a resource management training program, which would include a 60-site RV campground. What else would they do that the state might not have control of?

It is extremely important the public realizes this area exists to protect the groundwater flowing to the springs. Now, springs in Florida are in danger.

Yes, we need more campgrounds in state parks, where appropriate, and we need more state parks. Of course, more land might need to be purchased and protected. We would need to get the present Tallahassee administration to substantially refund the Florida Forever program instead of cutting back or redirecting funding to other uses. Tallahassee should increase the funding to levels from previous years and beyond.

If we need more beaches, do we fill in an existing saltwater marsh and create a beach? I heard one member of the public suggest this at a meeting when the state was developing Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park in Pasco County.

As for Mr. Apthorp, he is a former administrator with the state Division of Recreation and Parks. He is a citizen of Florida and an employee who loves, wants to educate and, most importantly, wants to protect what little we have left of the “Real Florida.”

Jean Myers McNary

Dade City

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