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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letter of the Day: Open, honest debate needed on Amendment 2

I’m a regular reader of The Tampa Tribune. Yet, when I read an article last week about medical marijuana that seemed to repeat discredited talking points from the Vote No On 2 campaign, I could barely believe my eyes.

So let’s set the facts straight.

The Florida Supreme Court has already ruled that the amendment is only for patients with debilitating conditions. It also declared that doctors who recommend the treatment unscrupulously are subject to civil and criminal liability.

Additionally, fact-checkers have confirmed that minors won’t be able to get medical marijuana without parental consent. Yet the amendment’s opponents continue to repeat this false claim.

Under Amendment 2, patients would not be able to walk into a doctor’s office, get a recommendation and walk out the door with their medicine. So the “pill mill” comparisons are wildly exaggerated.

Also, the Florida Department of Health would likely limit who can be qualified as a caregiver, though it’s important to have caregivers in the amendment in order to bring treatment to severely disabled or terminally ill patients.

John Morgan’s father was a cancer patient and used medical marijuana during his last months on the planet. It seems cruel to question his motives.

Amendment 2 would be a big step for Florida. It deserves an open and honest debate. But before we can have that discussion, we need to get the facts straight.

John G. Chase

Palm Harbor

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