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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letter of the day: Obama’s health care promise really a lie

Regarding “Obamacare: a state of chaos” (Our Views, Nov. 16), and “Obama should accept advice” (Our Views, Nov. 14): The Tribune used the incorrect word “promise” to characterize what Obama really did. Obama lied to get the public’s support for something he knew he could not get if he told the public they would not be able to keep their policies. If the public could keep its policies then Obamacare’s redistribution of wealth in the form of big government subsidies would not work.

Obama and Clinton are trying to spin what was Obama’s bold-face lie into a “promise” he must now keep. A lie has now been turned into a promise that Obama never made and the Tribune bought into by using the same misnomer. It is crystal clear that Obama knew fully well that many policyholders would not be able to keep their policy under the terms of Obamacare because if they did then Obamacare would not work.

That was no promise. That was a lie.

James Wisner


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