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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letter of the day: Light rail not the answer

As a resident of the Tampa Bay area, I shake my head wondering when Hillsborough and Pinellas counties will start approaching transit the right way (“Leaders want to hear citizens’ voices,” front page, March 27). The leaders are not reading the people right. We don’t want increased taxes. Period. They are calling for more buses while so many, in both counties, are running under capacity. They want to increase taxes for light-rail lines to the suburbs, which will be used by a fraction of the drivers. The rail lines will actually increase urban sprawl. There is no accommodation of the transit needs of our visitors, either. There is no addressing how the cross-bay traffic is the major problem.

People have been raising these concerns for years, and what do we get? The same old promotion of ineffective transit plans. Just how do they think Hillsborough and Pinellas will attract more train riders than Miami/Dade, where they are always asking for more money to cover operating expenses. Do the planners really think the Tampa Bay region will attract more riders than South Florida? Enough with this light rail to the suburbs chatter.

Jeannie Cline

St. Petersburg

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