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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letter of the day: It’s called football — not ‘soccer’

For over a century the history of football has been “tainted” by America’s introduction of the word “soccer” into the mix. Taking a few steps back (to avoid tunnel vision), this is an indication that, in somewhat of a typical manner for the USA, we chose to give the “one-finger-in-the-face salute” to the rest of the world concerning the sport of football. And we wonder why they hate us so much?

Would it not have been preferable for the USA to have described its newly invented sport as rugby instead of football? After all, wasn’t America’s new sport a takeoff of the English sport of rugby, wherein the oval-shaped ball mainly entails handling a ball, and throwing, catching and occasionally kicking it? This would certainly have avoided the present-day confusion in the minds of the population of the entire world when the media and TV announcers who report on the FIFA World Cup constantly refer to the sport as soccer instead of football. Our young people would be less confused when they participate in the sport. God bless America — the land that I love.

S. M. Gardiner


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