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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Letter of the Day: ‘I would choose to live in peace’

I am responding to the July 21 letter “What would you do?” (Your Views).

My study of the history of Israel goes back further than 1948. In 1918, the British divided up the Ottoman Empire, thus creating new countries such as Saudi Arabia and Transjordan. The British mandated Palestine to the Jews and Transjordan to the Arabs. There has always been a Jewish presence in Israel dating back many centuries.

In May, I was in Transjordan. I was told by Jordanians that the refugees from 1948, when Palestine was returned to the Jews, fled to Jordan. They assimilated. They are citizens of Jordan carrying Jordanian passports, living in houses and apartments, and are part of the workforce. The 1967 refugees who fled Israel refuse to become citizens, refuse housing and remain in refuge camps and are supported by the U.S. taxpayer and the European Union.

What would I do if I lived in Gaza? First, not vote for or support terrorist organizations that want to strap a suicide vest on one or more of my children. I would use the monies given by the U.S. taxpayers and Europe to build housing, hospitals, infrastructure, et al. I would choose to rebuild the 3,000 greenhouses torn down in 2005 and renew commerce. I would not build tunnels. Rather, I would choose to live in peace.

Karla Sprague


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