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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Letter of the day: GOP has right idea on entitlements

GOP is right on entitlements

Regarding the letter “Sticking with Democrats” (Your Views, March, 14): While displaying loyalty, the writer is short-sighted in his understanding of Social Security as well as other entitlements. Concerned that the Republicans will take away his Social Security, the writer supports a Democratic Party that refuses to reform an increasingly costly and unsustainable program that is rapidly helping to sink our economy and consume an inordinate portion of our federal expenditures.

The reforms that the GOP have proposed would put the program on a more solid path that would address that rampant abuse, the wanton bureaucratic waste and ineptitude, and in fact make it a stronger, more viable program that would ensure continued benefits to retirees.

His party has increased the federal debt by 70 percent (yes, an additional $7 trillion) since President Obama took control of our government, and the unfettered increase in spending on entitlements is bankrupting the nation. Support the bankruptcy of our nation or elect reformers to fix a program that our children will likely not have? I know which party I support. When will Americans stop believing the leftist propaganda of the Democrats and their media lackeys and think for themselves?

Josef Horowitz


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