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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letter of the day: Free Polytechnic University tuition a desperate act

This letter is in response to the article, “Poly frosh will get full ride on tuition” (front page, Aug. 27):

Doesn’t it seem like an act of desperation to try to lure students to Florida Polytechnic University on a free ride?

Do the powers behind this poorly contrived idea really believe that Poly will be able to attract the best and brightest to Polk County on a free ride? Guess what, the best and brightest already get those opportunities at well-known and accredited institutions. It is sad that we continue down this road with the taxpayers’ money due to the unexplained ambitions of former state Sen. JD Alexander and crew.

Poly will have to carry this class to graduation before even applying for accreditation. If we had stayed the path with University of South Florida, accreditation would not even be a consideration as it would fall under the USF blanket. USF already has a great reputation and could attract a deserving student body with little to no problem.

That same reputation would attract competent staff and instructors. The original plan offered by the USF administration would lead Poly to independence in a reasonable amount of time while giving the opportunity for the school to establish itself.

A reversal of course is due before there is no turning back and pouring money into the situation is the only solution. I think that JD Alexander and crew need a dose of reality that we the taxpayers would rather see our dollars funding a successful school fulfilling the mission of our public education institutions. Put this school back on track under the USF banner and allow it to flourish and build itself to a high-caliber institution which the best and brightest seek out versus dangling the proverbial carrot.

Steven Monica


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