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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Letter of the Day: Drug testing for the stars

During the past several months and years there have been many news reports of excessive alcohol and illegal drug use by notables in the entertainment business. There have been arrests, multiple trips to rehab, deaths and sometimes the loss of the will to live.

Aside from the personal loss of the users, the use of illegal drugs feeds crime and causes death in this country and well beyond our borders. There is nothing to be admired in this activity.

Sports teams and many corporations test for drug use. What would happen if actors would have to pass a drug test before they would be able to step on a movie set? What would happen if entertainers would have to be drug free before they could go into a recording studio or on a stage?

It might take a while for some of our current crop of stars to get clean, but it would be a good message to the fans.

John Weber


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