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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letter of the day: Don’t raise minimum wage

I agree with Republicans concerning raising the minimum wage. All it does is raise the cost of living because increases in wages always get passed on to consumers. The result is that minimum-wage workers end up paying more for their groceries and that negates the increased wage.

The minimum wage is an assignment of false value to certain kinds of labor. The real value would be better negotiating between workers or their unions and employers.

The problem I have with Republicans is that they are against both the minimum wage and unions, which pits Republicans against workers. Government needs to stop messing with the free-market system. Taxes are for improving infrastructure and protecting our country, not for punishing rich people or businesses. Taxes and tax systems should not be used to reward businesses or unions or for bailing them out of bad decisions. Democrats and Republicans need to leave businesses and unions to negotiate without government interference.

Terry Larson


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