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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Letter of the day: Don’t eliminate fireworks laws, enforce them

Regarding “Bill would legalize fireworks in Florida” (Front page, Sept. 10): Has state Rep. Matt Gaetz lost his mind?

The state’s fire chiefs rightly oppose his bill to make fireworks legal, and no wonder. According to the National Fire Protection Association, consumer fireworks cause more than 8,700 accidents each year requiring treatment in a medical facility.

Not only that, exploding fireworks are a nuisance and a danger to neighbors, and they cause trauma and injury to domestic animals that panic, including horses.

For those who enjoy fireworks displays there are numerous professional shows that can be attended. There is no need to make fireworks legal, and I cannot see any benefit to anyone other than the fireworks manufacturers and sellers.

The existing laws preventing the use of fireworks should be enforced, not eliminated.

RT Vaught


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