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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letter of the day: Don’t demolish the Bro Bowl skate park

Regarding “It’s time to let go of the Bro Bowl” (Metro, Nov. 2): Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn proposes a $6 million strategy to exchange the Bro Bowl, an historic 1970s skate park in Perry Harvey Sr. Park, with a larger skate park in another part of the park.

This action would erase decades of significant Tampa history. The Bro Bowl survives as one of the last ’70s-era skate parks. Joel Jackson built it with the vision of providing a welcoming place for inner-city youth in Tampa and made his dream a reality while establishing a culturally noteworthy landmark.

The money for a new skate park can go toward other projects that serve the safety and commercial needs of the public. No doubt, improvements to Perry Harvey Sr. Park can enhance the city’s economy. But this can transpire while also conserving the Bro Bowl. I urge Mayor Buckhorn to reconsider his costly proposal and find a compromise so that the city can accomplish preservation of the Bro Bowl and fund more pressing renovations that will improve Tampa as a whole.

Leah Phillips


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