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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letter of the day: District 13 vote hardly a repudiation of Obamacare

I laughed out loud at the opening paragraph of your editorial the day after the District 13 special election. It read: “David Jolly’s victory Tuesday in U.S. House District 13 special election represents a clear repudiation of Obamacare.”

A “clear repudiation,” really? Jolly beat Alex Sink by a whopping 3,457 votes — hardly a landslide and certainly not a clear repudiation of Obamacare.

There are more than 422,000 Floridians who have signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act. I personally know at least 10 people who are able to have health insurance for the first time ever, without an exclusion for their pre-existing conditions, and I know at least two people who have already received life-saving treatment under their new coverage that they would never have qualified for before the Affordable Care Act. I think you forgot to count them as “repudiators.”

I don’t know anyone who wants to go back to the old system that punished people with pre-existing conditions, tied affordable health insurance to your job, didn’t allow you to take your policy with you if you changed jobs, kicked children off of their parents’ policy before age 26, and didn’t make insurance companies spend at least 80 percent of the premiums that you sent to them on your care. I’ve been a small-business owner for more than 30 years. My premiums have gone up every year during that time — often by more than 15 percent per year. Obamacare didn’t cause that; it’s been happening because the insurance companies have had us by the throats for years. But you know what? Last year was the first time that my health insurance company was forced to send me a check to give me back some of my premium payments because they had not spent 80 percent of my money on my health care. That never would have happened without Obamacare.

Gary Gibbons


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