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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Let us march for life

Regarding “The issue is life — nothing more, nothing less, nothing else” (Views, April 13):

John Grant’s words regarding society’s horrific tolerance of abortion since Roe v. Wade are painfully accurate, and those of us who recognize that an unborn child is just that — a child, a human being, not a blob of tissue — will agree with Grant that abortion is indeed “socially and morally repugnant.”

Along with many others, I pray that one day society will fully recognize that our unborn children are gifts from our creator, and no matter the circumstances, they deserve love and protection from everything that would harm them.

Let us march on and assist those in crisis, unplanned or challenging pregnancies instead of encouraging them to have an abortion.

The consequences of abortion will be far more severe for individuals and society than carrying our precious little ones to term.

Sharon Cardona

Wesley Chapel

Weather Center