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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Let us be there for Oklahoma

There is no doubt that as I watched the coverage in Oklahoma, I found myself moved to tears over and over. It is difficult to find words to express what all of us are feeling, another reminder of how quickly life can be turned upside down or taken from us suddenly. This is such a heartbreaking tragedy. I would be lying to say that there weren’t moments when I felt anger as some thoughts that had to do with politics ran through my head. No, I stopped myself. This is not about politics or blame, or posturing the event as a lesson in anything more than compassion, care and a reflection on our priorities in life. Surely our priorities return to an order that tugs at our hearts and begs us to be thankful of the truly important things we find we so easily forget. The media can be a source of support and comfort when we share these national tragedies. Surely, they are national. They are what create the pain and sadness we all feel. They also show us the resilience of Americans and our power to come together to be able to get through horrible events like this. It is my hope that we use the media for the right thing and not to toss political debates into the mix when this is going on. I hope we can allow this event to remind us that we are Americans. As Americans, we pull together and should find no divide right now. Let us be reminded of the strength that we find when we cherish what it is to live in America and to be there for one another. Let us be there for Oklahoma.
Linda Giorgilli Rice Tampa
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