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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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JFK, PT-109 and the cake

The Kennedy assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, does elicit memories of that time and place. I still cannot get over the expert marksmanship of Lee Harvey Oswald and his ability to pull off rapid fire so very accurate to hit a moving car. Still leaves me wondering.

I, too, met JFK earlier that year, in June at Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau, Germany, where he and I had lunch along with 12 other U.S. Air Force and approximately 270 U.S. Army troops.

Luckily, I sat across the table from JFK, who looked admiringly at a cake in front of him, shaped in the form of PT-109, his torpedo boat from WWII.

I asked him later, after lunch, if we were going to taste the cake, and he replied that he was going to take it back with him to Washington, D.C.

I wonder, whatever happened to that cake?

Roger Oddson

Sun City Center

Weather Center