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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Insensitive and out of touch

Tampa Tribune - The article by Howard Altman regarding the impact of furloughs on civilian employees at MacDill Air Force Base ("MacDill furloughs' impact is far-reaching," front page, June 22) is another example of just how out of touch and insensitive our president and his administration have become. A good leader leads by example. Federal government spending is way out of control. Sequestration was to force the government to spend less. Actually, it really just meant we would borrow 2 cents on the dollar less. In hard economic times, where the government spends its tax dollars is extremely crucial to the welfare of its people. The president should reduce his traveling abroad. His last trip (the G8 meeting) supposedly cost between $60 million to $100 million! This was the estimate reported on at least one news station. IRS employees are set to receive $70 million in bonuses.
Now, we seem to have money to send arms to Syria. Why not use this money to reduce the pain on those federal employees who are going to be furloughed? The loss of income to these families is real and painful. Randy Eisenberg Valrico
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