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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Innovative gastronomy

Once again I was very happy to read Jeff Houck’s interesting food writing in the Aug. 18 Baylife “The Stew” column. It’s interesting because he reports on all aspects of food, and this article was about a person changing her life via cooking, and as well a human interest story.

Jeff is never dull. I am sure many negative letters will come to the Trib regarding the prior employment of the person written about in this article (“Dishing with a former porn star”). However, I was delighted to read an uplifting and fun story. There is so much more to the news than war, crime and politics (although I guess I should just write politics and be done with it).

I miss the food section of the newspaper every week. The Tampa Bay area has so much innovation in the gastronomy realm these days. More reporting should be done in this area. People are interested, or there would be no Food TV. Give us more from Jeff, please!

I have two reasons to keep my subscription: My carrier is the best and has been with the Tribune for many years, and I love reading Jeff’s writing.

Anneliese Meier


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