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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Hispanics’ trailblazing efforts trampled on

Regarding “Quick, hide the flag before you offend anyone” (John Grant, Other Views, April 20): As a 75-year-old American of Mexican ethnicity, I strongly agree with Grant’s commentary. I did not serve 20 years in the military to give these traitors their marquee moment.

The Hispanic students who felt that those wearing American flags were disrespecting Mexican-American students project a very confused state of mind. Any student who prefers to celebrate a foreign holiday should strongly consider leaving the United States or strive harder to assimilate. The strong push to force the Spanish language on America is clearly evident in nearly every American business. Spanish language signage and overhead announcements in airports have become the norm. Perhaps this practice emboldens some Hispanics to reject any loyalty to America. In the 1940s and ’50s the Hispanic civil rights movement resulted in many gains for Americans of Hispanic ethnicities. Never in our quest for equality did we display foreign flags or demand that the Spanish language receive equal billing with the English language. Every country needs a common language to conduct business, for legal matters or simply to communicate. Ours is English.

The young Hispanics who challenge or reject American citizenship accountability and responsibility aim to destroy what we the trailblazers of the Hispanic civil rights movement of the ’40s and ’50s accomplished. Because over the years we placed less emphasis on civics and American history in our schools, today’s students cannot be expected to develop a fierce patriotism and love for our USA. We created a monster.

Frank Medrano

Plant City

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