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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Happy trails in a home on wheels

I read about Steve Otto’s past experience on his RV road trip (“The Siren song of the road,” Metro, Jan. 15). Perhaps he missed the whole point about the RV lifestyle.

Although his rug rats were with him, I’ll bet they had a great time on the tour out West. You see, Steve, it’s not about the trip; it’s all about the adventure.

Where else can you experience visiting so many wonderful places all across the country and meeting lots of interesting and friendly people along the way? If you fly, you go from point A to point Z, and miss everything in between. But you do get to fly in an cramped, smelly aluminum tube and eat stale peanuts after you have been X-rayed or were lucky enough to get a free body-cavity search.

Then, after you reach your destination, you sleep in a hotel bed that who knows slept in last night. No thank you!

My honey and I will sleep in our own bed in the comfort of my own home on wheels while we enjoy the good old USA.

Happy trails!

Walt Sinkhorn


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