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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Gun violence in 'Chiraq'

For some reason unknown to this Tribune subscriber, national and local media avoided reporting on a story of great public interest: Over the July 4th weekend, 72 people were shot in Chicago, 12 of whom died. Chicago has the one of the toughest gun control laws in the country yet the criminal element continues to commit wholesale murders on the streets of that city. City officials, especially the mayor, refused to implement a New York City police plan for getting guns off of the street, where it works. God forbid that they should violate the constitutional rights of these vicious criminals. I guess the mainstream media found it more important to report on a Korean airline crash that weekend where two people died.
Because of the continuous gun violence in Chicago, it is starting to be called "Chiraq." President Obama said if only one child's life was saved due to his proposed gun control mandates, then his efforts would be worth it. But his hometown of Chicago is the poster child for strict gun control and has the same or worse statistics for violence as a war-torn, third-world country. Paul J. Marino, Esq. Largo
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