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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Greg Schiano and the ‘frienzied mob’

The ugliness the media and public are displaying about Bucs head coach Greg Schiano is nothing new. Notre Dame and Green Bay went through similar episodes. I wish the fans and radio stations (like the one that put “Fire Schiano” billboards around Tampa) would realize that the attitude they display is reminiscent of stories about the ancient Romans who wanted their gladiator to die if he lost the contest. They are like a frenzied mob. Competitive team sports can be a beautiful thing. Oftentimes it results in individuals doing more as part of a team than they could do on their own. Unfortunately, when people watch these events it gets ugly when one of the teams lose.

I believe Bucs player Gerald McCoy when he says Schiano has not lost the locker room. The man does not give me any reason to believe he would lie. These guys played hard in all the games. Most of the games were competitive and enjoyable up to the final minutes. Is the team very good? The answer is “no.” Was the team very good when he got here? Again, the answer is “no.” In fact, it was much worse. Progress has been made, but until the team has more depth, it will continue to lose.

So to the people who say “Fire Schiano,” I say, “Would you like to be fired in the first 18 months of getting a job if you were not given the tools to perform the job?” The failed draft picks in earlier seasons are the biggest reason. Is the coach perfect? Absolutely not. Was I real good at my job the first year I had it? No, I wasn’t, but I got better. Will the coach improve ? I believe he will, and already has.

Finally, in regard to those who put up the billboards: Are you totally devoid of decency? There is a time and place for criticism, in the stadium, at the ticket counter and on the airwaves, but not where this message will be shoved in the face of his family.

Phil Scheidt

Dade City

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