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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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‘Fulfilling my father’s dream’

I have never in my 56 years written a letter to the editor, but today I am pressed with urgency to respond to an article. I opened my morning paper on Friday and read a front-page article that brought me to tears (“Ike’s D-Day note holds lessons for White House,” Douglas MacKinnon). It seems you have added a new columnist who truly speaks to the heart of patriotic Americans who love this dear country, however bruised and battered it may be, with shame and guilt written all over us for choosing a president like the sitting individual holding office, or dare I say reigning in that office today.

This time is particularly dear to me because my father served in the U.S. Navy for six years, beginning in 1943. He loved the Navy and our country and encouraged my son, who was born on his 60th birthday and was his first grandson, to fly planes for the Navy. From the day my son was born, his fondest memories of his “Papa” were listening to his stories of his Navy days and his daily admonition to him was to serve our country.

In only a few weeks, my son is leaving for Atsugi, Japan, to fulfill what he calls his “duty to honor those who have served before me.” He joined the Navy after he finished medical school. My father was in heaven when my son joined, but I know he sang his best rendition of “Anchors Aweigh.”

My son is a family physician who will serve for two years, and then he will try to get another residency — for aerospace medicine — so he can serve the pilots on the ships. He is fulfilling my father’s dream.

I have said all of this to thank you for adding a columnist who speaks to the heart of those of us who still care that this is a good nation, one that has people who will serve and die if necessary for the country they love. I appreciate Mr. MacKinnon and thank him as well for giving me that boost that swells a heart with pride and honor for those who gladly and proudly take responsibility and serve this once great country of ours, one that can be great again.

Pray for those who serve. Anchors Aweigh.

I am the proud mother of Lt. Jesse Lynn.

Gayle Pollard Lynn


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