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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Friends, memories and gifts

Let me say what was special about reading Sunday’s Tribune Views: Reconnecting with so many of my old friends through the sensational article that Pam Iorio penned, “Remembering their great gifts to our community.” I too had the good fortune of knowing several of these wonderful men and women, although probably in a different light than Pam, and they will be sorely missed for me as well.

I have spent the past 40-plus years of my life in Tampa and have been a collector of historic Tampa artifacts, memorabilia and more. My mentors were the late Tony Pizzo and Leland Hawes. Leland would come to my house and help me identify one object, document or another, and when I would call one of them from an antique show about a particular find, I can still hear them say, “Buy it — it’s a blockbuster.”

What’s special about the mayor, aka Pam, is she remembers from whence she came. So many friends, so many memories. Thanks, Pam, for reminding us all about “the great gifts to our community.”

John Osterweil


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