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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Florida’s noise pollution epidemic

Chronic intrusive noise, such as from loud car stereos, can cause increased blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, chronic fatigue, hostility, depression and other serious health problems. Temporarily hearing car stereo booms while on the road is disturbing, but the severe damage is to those trapped in surrounding buildings for blocks and even miles. People living and working near roads frequented by boom cars endure pounding thatís constant and inescapable. The damage to health can be grave. Recent gatherings of multiple blasting boom cars in neighborhood parks and parking lots have created situations that are unbearable and sickening. Action is overdue. The Legislature must protect the health and safety of Florida citizens by enacting strong noise pollution laws now. Visit www.Barkingdogs.net/exposeindex.shtml for data on the harmful impacts of noise. Karen Orr

The writer is the Florida League of Conservation Votersí Safe & Healthy Communities chairwoman.

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