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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Florida has to get it right this time

Sunday’s editorial about managing growth touched every challenge Florida faces as we pass New York state in population (“Growing bigger than New York presents challenges to Florida,” Our Views). Those challenges are present because we all failed to connect the vision of a beautiful and prosperous Florida with the kind of natural resource protection and wise development decisions that were and continue to be necessary.

1000 Friends of Florida’s experience with growth issues since 1986 confirms the need for well-managed growth as contrasted with what some have regularly complained were standards that were too stringent, killed jobs and or were simply not necessary.

The current set of circumstances is evidence that more comprehensive, coordinated solutions at the state and local levels of government are needed now more than ever. The growth that is coming means that we do not have the luxury this time of not getting it right.

Charles Pattison


The writer is president of 1000 Friends of Florida.

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