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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Everyone should help pay for this Republican mandate

In 1986, when Congress wrote the legislation and Ronald Reagan signed it into law, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act contained a mandate that every person in the United States, including illegal aliens, must receive medical treatment regardless of their ability to pay, thus creating perhaps one of the largest unfunded mandates in our history. This made hospitals and insurance companies pass along these unfunded expenses to those of us who believe in being responsible for our own well-being.

I have never in 30 years had a year when my medical insurance did not go up or doctors didn’t bail out of the various plans that have come and gone. All the while, insurance companies have tried to tell us what they will and will not cover, including, of course, preexisting conditions.

I am glad to see that everyone must now shoulder some of this responsibility, but I am confused as to why President Obama gets all the blame. Mandates through government are not new. President Reagan didn’t hesitate to sign this bill, for which I am happy to support, but not by myself.

It is also confusing to watch the right excoriate Obama while continuing to give the insurance companies a pass this entire time. It is, and has always been, insurance companies that decide your medical fate, not Obama. All he did is call them to task by force, something that the companies should have done the minute the 1986 bill was passed.

Everyone should help pay for this Republican mandate — everyone. Why is there no consensus on this? Because many of us love getting it for free ­— that’s why.

Mark Thompson


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