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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Letter of the Day

Enjoying the cannabis show

The debate on the medical marijuana issue is getting downright comical. The experts on public policy and anti-drug advocates are funny enough, but the true comedian in this circus is John Morgan.

I was ready to believe that Morgan’s motives were pure and that the only reason he is spending so much of his own money on this issue is his love and concern for the sick and dying. However, it’s hard to imagine there is not some economic reward waiting for him at the end of this cannabis rainbow. If this bill is passed there will be millions of dollars to be made, and I feel sure that is not lost on him.

Then to use God as his passionate rebuttal argument, well, that was unfair. Really? God put the plant on Earth for man because he knew it would work? Oh, my. Then there are the youths who are suddenly so interested in a political issue. It’s inspiring, isn’t it? It couldn’t be they see this as a pathway to future legalization of marijuana for recreational use, could it?

Look, I’m no fan of the FDA, and its motive to stop it is the most transparent of all. OK, I understand that smoking a fatty does help some medical conditions and ease pain, but it just proves once again that no matter the subject matter, everyone has their own agenda. I do believe that the voters should decide this issue, but, heck, I’m just enjoying the show. Hey, pass that thing over here.

Thomas Parnell


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