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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Edward Snowden’s untallied damage

Having only a high school education and having carried a dinner bucket for a living as a blue-collar worker, I admit I don’t have much knowledge on how the world works. However, having lived 71-plus years, I hope I have acquired a small amount of what’s right and wrong.

I firmly believe Edward Snowden is a traitor to this country and should be tried for treason if he ever re-enters the USA. If he truly believed what he was involved in was not illegal or immoral, there were other avenues to take besides going public and very possibly bringing harm to our country.

Jeff Toobin of CNN and at least two congressmen told of ways he could have gotten this information out other than how he chose to do it.

Do any of your readers with even an ounce of common sense believe Russia is allowing him asylum strictly on humanitarian reasons? With Russia’s past history around the world, as well as within the country itself, they no doubt have much, if not all, of the very sensitive information Snowden entered their country with.

By choosing the path he took, we may not know for years (if ever), the damage he has done to America and the lives he has put in jeopardy!

Terry N. Biggs


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